The fourth edition of Musica nel Parco (Music in the Park) is dedicated to the memory of Paolo Borciani, unforgettable first violinist of the Italian Quartet and great teacher, known for his methods used even thirty years after his death. It seems particularly significant to commemorate him through this "musical exchange" which involves the young and the old, amateurs and professionals, performers and listeners. Chamber music is of course the focus from which all further proposals are spread, because it is what this man and musician dedicated his life to. So, a significant space and time will be for initiatives to commemorate his memory and his teachings.

Elena Ponzoni


The Cultural Association Agorarte organizes the Campus Music in the Park, hosted by the City of Viganò, with the intention of offering to students, already trained musicians, and enthusiasts ten days of music sharing with classes, lectures, workshops, musical aperitifs and concerts. Our sharing also extends to social occasions, with walks along the paths and around the sights of the Regional Park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley, bearing in mind the idea that music and nature are both expressions of the same beauty.

The courses are open to students of the Campus, professional and amateurs, with no age limit, which must join as associates, both if they mean to be students or auditors. Meant as a residential course, it offers to participants the opportunity to discover a beautiful area not known to many, just minutes from Lake Como, between the cities of Milan, Bergamo, Lecco so to get in touch with the local area and its traditions. 

The seminars presented this year, in addition to the courses and the workshops, are divided into two time periods: conference / concert and workshop practice, during which you get to work with the guest teacher. Folk music and early music will also be key topics. In fact, one of the Campus purposes is to investigate different historical and stylistic aspects, which will broaden our vision of different musical perspectives and break schemes and strict cultural attitudes.

Like every year, to support a program of lectures activities there will be open Campus moments during which students and teachers will be from time to time either performers or spectators, opening the door to the the curious and to the citizens of the City which hosts the Campus. The ten days will end with a collective trip to TEATRO ALLA SCALA of Milan, to hear a concert of the International Festival of Orchestras organized by EXPO: Gustavo Dudamel and the Orchestra Sinfonica Simon Bolivar, spearhead of the Abreu system, and who showed the world the vital power of music.


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