15 luglio 2015


String quartet and Chamber music (August 22nd to 30th)
Both individual musicians and already established groups may attend, though the latter will be given priority in case of an excess of number of registrations.
A minimum degree of technical level is required to deal with the repertoire of the early eighteenth century.
There will be moments of individual in­depth technical and musical study.
You may attend the course even just in the weekend (22nd­-23rd or 28th-­29th and 30th August).
Composition workshop focusing on pop, rock, jazz and folk. Meant for musicians of all backgrounds, songwriters and popular music, even amateurs, with no age limit.
Composition (24th to 30th August)
Composition and transcription course for those who study composition and for those who already write, notwithstanding the age limit. During the six days of class an small composition will be composed for solo instrument or ensemble, to be performed at the Campus in one of the open events.
It will be possible to be in touch with musicians, students and teachers to study the techniques of writing and performing.
The course is open to students of all levels and backgrounds and seeks to work on the interpretation linked to the style of the pieces suggested by the students. Large space will be given to ensemble music, in collaboration with other teachers.
And for the curious, it is possible to start with an approach to the instrument which brought to the guitar that we know today.
Children, teenagers and adults with at least one year of studies are welcome to make music together.
harpsichord (August 25th to 29th)
Harpsichord course with free program. For all those who already play.
Educational workshop – creative and open to beginners and amateurs: How did they performs scales three hundred years ago? Which fingering did they use? What exercises did the ancient composers elaborate for their students? What were the most popular pieces for beginners? To all these questions we try to answer in the most fun way. A "taste" of the harpsichord and keyboard instruments, aimed at those who, in possession of keyboard technique, also elementary, are interested in the repertoire of the XVI, XVII and XVIII century.


Fabio Biondi [ATTENTION: the appointment has been canceled]
Meeting with an eclectic performer who sees the past as a resource for the future.
Violinists and instrumentalists who wish to try out, can participate to this atelier, focused on repertoire from the Baroque to Classicism.
Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati (25th and 26th August)
Popular music of the Four Provinces presented by the voice of two exceptional protagonists, who perform on the typical pipe and accordion, in order to keep alive the tradition.
The workshop is open to all participants in the Campus and those interested in experiencing what determines this specific folk style.
Paul Beschi (27th and 28th August)
Understanding the great masterpieces of JS Bach from the analysis of the original sources, the instruments and the performance practice.
A stimulus for a freer approach to the immense Baroque universe. Both cellists and other musicians can participate in the study of this repertoire.
Access to the conference / concert and the atelier ­ as listeners ­ is free for anyone in possession of the membership card of Agorarte and for residents in the City of Viganò. You may subscribe and receive your membership right after your arrival whenever it may be. To attend to the actual atelier you must be a member of Agorarte and pay an individual contribution depending on the course choice.
To participate in the Campus you must be member of Agorarte. The membership fee for the current year is set at € 20.00 to be paid ­ if required ­ upon registration, as specified in the Regulations.
There are special rates for residents of the City of Viganò and to members of The Cambristi.
You may attend without limitations all activities of the Campus as a regular student on payment of individual contribution of participation of € 370.00 (including membership card) ­- € 350.00 for residents in the City of Viganò and to members of the Cambristi.
You may otherwise attend a single course or workshop (from a minimum of € 70, 00 to a maximum of € 250.00) as indicated in the Regulations. You may attend more courses and workshops.
Listeners are welcome to all classes, subject to payment of the individual contribution of € 70.00 (including membership card) - ­ € 60.00 for residents in the City of Viganò and to members of The Cambristi. We will consider as auditors without having to contribute more, all those registered as regular students and all those who have renewed their Agorarte membership card.
The entrance to the open evenings is free for all students, for Agorarte members and for residents in Viganò. For all other events entrance is regulated as indicated in the specific billboard.
Who wants to join us for the 30th at the Teatro alla Scala for the concert of the International Festival of Orchestras, you must make an explicit and in advance request through the registration.
The deadline for entries is set to Monday, August 10th, 2015. It will be at the discretion of the Director of Campus which might accept entries after that date.
For registration details, and to see the full Regulations, the detailed amounts detailed relating to the contributions of participation, the billboard full FuoriCampus, and agreements with the structures: refer to each section of the site.

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