8 giugno 2016

Elena Ponzoni

Daughter of musicians, she is a student of Paolo Borciani, first violin of the famous Quartetto Italiano.

After graduation she studied with Dora Schwarzberg.

Lover of chamber music, she mainly dedicates her life as a musician: second violinist of the Borciani Quartet for almost twenty years during which she performed in major concert halls in Europe, the US and Asia, often working with exceptional coworkers among which Sigfried Palm, Hatto Beyerle, Bruno Canino, receiving international awards for radio productions and company records made by the ensemble (Naxos ­ Stradivarius).

Then she became one of the founders of the Petrassi Quartet, known for the first performance of the Quartetti Concertanti by Alessandro Rolla according to recent critical reviews and the performace of the five pieces of Alfredo Casella and Three youth pieces by Goffredo Petrassi (at Cappella Paolina of Quirinale, concert broadcast live mainly dedicated to the forgotten music of the Italian 20 Violinist of the Sirin Piano Quartet, a group particularly interested in the French repertoire between '800 and' 900, she has also worked with several other major formations including Novecento e oltre, ­ensemble led by Antonio Ballista, I Solisti di Pavia, group led by the cellist Enrico Dindo, Orchestra da Camera di MantovaEcho Ensemble ­ a group specializing in contemporary music; she has also played for a long time in a duo with the pianist Lucia Bucciarelli.

Curious and attentive to musical expressions from different backgrounds, she has beeen working with musicians linked to the traditional music and jazz, creating and participating in shows and the recording of innovative CDs.

A passionate advocate of the importance that music plays in the formation of the individual, has for long been committed to education and popularization, through the creation of courses, workshops, performances of Musical Theatre for children (even using self made texts), special projects for schools and the organization of the concert festivals. With the same purpose in 2003 she founded with Maestro Mario Gioventù the Orchestra da Camera Agorarte (bornt like Orchestra da Camera S.Zeno) ­ a group made of professional and amateur musicians, and was the creator and curator of the photo exhibition "Conservache ?!" exhibited in 2010 at the Conservatory of Rovigo.

Alongside her musical career she is a teacher. She holds seminars abroad and is Professor of String Quartet and Ensemble Music for Srtings at the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini in Palermo, for which she organized the exhibition "Architetture" - in collaboration with Amici dei Musei Siciliani and Agorarte - a project which involves her students in a series of concerts at representative places of the city.

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