17 luglio 2017

1. The courses are open to Italians and people of other nationalities, with no age limit, students, professionals and amateurs, who can take part only as Association members, either as music students or as listeners, upon completing the enrolment form.

For those whom are not yet members of the Association, in the current year, the Agorarte entry form (downloadable here) must be sent with the receipt attached for the payment of €20,00 (€ 10,00 for Under 14's) for the year 2019 (membership card), both for those who wish to enrol as actual student, and for those who intend to simply take part as listeners.

2. The enrolment form (click here) should be completed in all the relative parts. Upon completion of the ensolment form, the receipt for the enrolment of €50,00 (€ 30,00 for children worshops) shoud be sent, and, if appropriate, the receipt for the payment of the Association membership of €20,00 (€ 10,00 for Under 14's) with the completed enrolment form should be sent to AgorarteA copy of the receipts should be sent to: segreteriacampus@agorarteassociazione.org.

3. All the fees for the extra membership contributions are individual; only in the case that the payment for membership for the current year has already been paid, will € 20,00 (10,00 for Under 14's) be deducted from the total sum, relative to the membership card.

Special fees and conditions are available for the residents of Viganò and Missaglia areas and for the members of the associations: AIMA, Cambristi, ACMP, WFAO, Kore and for existing members of Agorarte.

Each fee should be thus divided: €70,00 (€20,00 membership + €50,00 payment in advance), or € 40,00 for children workshops (€10,00 membership + €30,00 payment in advance) course enrolment fee, to be paid, and attached to the enrolment form, – and according to the type of participation requested, the remaining fee should be paid in cash or by cheque to the Campus Secretary, the first day of the lessons, or by bank transfer. The transfer MUST be completed before the first day of the Campus and a copy of the complete payment details should be handed in on the first day.

The enrolment fee will not be refunded in the event of renunciation of attendance.

In the case of the cancellation of single courses or of the whole Campus, the €50,00 enrolment fee will be returned to each participant by the Association (the €20,00 / 10,00 membership fee will not be returned).

Upon payment of the fee, candidates can enrol on either an individual Course or Workshop, as explained in the Rules & Regulations, or on more than one course and Workshop. Discount available on Courses only and the MusicaInsieme Workshop, for families with more than one enrolment: 10% for the second member of the family to enrol, 20% for the third member of the family to enrol, 40% for any further enrolments within any one family unit. Discounts not available for the other Workshops, except where applicable as stated . 

Candidates can take part without exception, in all the Campus activities, as participating student, with one single payment for each individual, of €400,00 (including Agorarte Membership) - €390,00 (including Agorarte Membership) for residents of Missaglia and for Members of AIMA, Cambristi, ACPM, WFAO, Kore - € 380,00 for residents of Viganò - €360,00 and for existing members of Agorarte 2019.

For details on the fees for participation, see information regarding page "Fees" or the pages of each individual course.

It is also possible to take part in the courses as a listener, upon payment of €85,00 per student (includes Membership Fee) - €75,00 for residents of the Missaglia area and for members of the AIMA, Cambristi, ACMP, and WFAO Associations, and for KORE Students. Any individually enrolled music student is also considered a listener, without any extra payment, as are residents of the Viganò area and all 2019 Agorarte members.

4. Enrolment fees and forms should be received by the course secretary by the 31th July 2019. The management reserve the right to consider any requests for enrolment made after this date.

5. All payments should be made by Payment Order to: Associazione Agorarte, via Increa 70 - 20861 Brugherio (MB) - CREDEM filiale di Merate - IBAN IT84 Q030 3251 5300 1000 0090 068. The following phrase should be cited: "quota associativa 2019 e iscrizione al Campus Musica nel Parco" (per i già soci: "iscrizione al Campus Musica nel Parco"). ("Association membership fee 2016 and enrolment on the Music in the Park Campus - for Association members: "enrolment on the Music in the Park Campus"). 

6. Signed consent by a parent or care-giver must be provided for Under 18s, (click here to download) for the organization of the courses (see enrolment form), to be attached to the enrolment form.

7. The management reserves the right to cancel the whole Campus due to an insufficient number of participants. Should any modifications to the program be necessary, they will be communicated in advance both on the website and directly to enrolled members.

8. The participating students (not the listeners) are required to take part in the concerts organized by the teachers and by the Association during the whole period of the Campus. Each participant is requested to bring their own music stand.

9. At the end of the Campus, each participant (players, singers and listeners) will receive a certificate of attendance, useful for the High School and University ‘credits’ and for the certification of self-training and refresher activities for teachers.

10. The Association declines all responsibility for damage to persons or things, should it occur before, during or after the period of the Campus. Insurance should be taken out, in particular for Under 18s.

11. The completion of the enrolment form implies the acceptance of these Rules and Regulations, and of any changes the Management should deem necessary.

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